Principal's Message

Welcome to the website for Monsignor O’Neil Catholic School. We are pleased that you have taken this opportunity to visit. Monsignor O’Neil is located in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Our school is a welcoming Catholic school community, committed to fostering the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in everything that we do. As a Catholic school community we are focused on service to others, nurturing compassion, respecting the dignity of each person, creating a warm, welcoming, inclusive and Christ-centered school while developing the whole child. We encourage our students to strive to reach high academic standards, develop their belief in God, and demonstrate care and consideration for others. It is our hope that your tour through our website will leave you feeling the essence of that commitment.

We are blessed with a caring and dedicated staff of professionals who, on a daily basis, strive to provide opportunities for students that will encourage them to become all that they can be in the image of Jesus. We are served by the pastoral team of St. Mary’s Parish, led by our outstanding priest and friend, Father Tom Ferrera. The relationship between Monsignor O’Neil and St. Mary’s Parish is strong, and it reflects a progressive and active understanding of the importance of Families, Parish, and School working together in community.

As the principal of Monsignor O’Neil Catholic School, I feel strongly about creating a safe, inviting, child-centered atmosphere for the children entrusted to our care, while fostering clear, open lines of communication between parents and staff. Our website will give you only a glimpse of the spirit that is alive here at Monsignor O’Neil. When you visit our school, I believe that you will welcome and warmth soon after you walk through the doors.

As we journey through this school year may we experience the joy of learning and discovery with our children. May we fully embrace God’s love and compassion and may we be filled with a sense of solidarity as we join others to provide a faith-filled learning experience for all students.

Beth Allison